About Marin Chapter

Membership in our Chapter gives mothers and daughters unique opportunities to strengthen their bond while growing together and improving their communities.  NCL, Inc. is the only national organization committed to fostering the mother-daughter relationship through community service, leadership development and cultural experiences, together and in peer groups.


Our Chapter typically holds meetings once a month for mothers and daughters which often include special speakers, films, and activities supporting the three pillars of the organization. NCL, Inc. offers both mothers and daughters an opportunity to learn, meet new friends, and to volunteer in their community.

Members of the Marin Chapter volunteer regularly at over 18 local philanthropies ranging from homeless shelters to therapeutic horse riding. Last year, members of the Marin Chapter provided almost 4,000 hours of volunteer services to the Marin community alone, while nationally, all NCL, Inc.  chapters volunteered well over 1,000,000 hours.

Graduating senior girls are recognized in their last year of NCL, Inc. with a special celebration of their six years as members of NCL, Inc.  Each senior provides reflections on her years in NCL, Inc. and what impact her experiences have made on life and future goals.  Consistently, we are amazed at the young women who have been empowered by their experiences, leave dedicated to life-long philanthropy, and who have strengthened the bond they have with their mother as a result of their time in NCL, Inc..  We are proud of our role in development of strong, empowered women and are excited to see them start their lives as independent, committed individuals.

Blackies Hayday Girls

The three pillars of National Charity League

Community Service: Our desire is to learn what philanthropic needs exist in our community and to help meet those needs whenever possible with service committed to integrity and excellence. We support volunteerism while developing the mother-daughter bond by together learning, mentoring and serving responsibly.

Leadership: Our intent is to empower young women with the skills and confidence to lead through team building, problem solving, mentoring, and group dynamics. The NCL, Inc. experience is designed to provide members over the 6 years skills in:

  • Management- parliamentary procedures, building confidence, conflict resolution, project and stress management
  • Communication- special event manners, public speaking, resume writing
  • Personal Identity- personal health and safety
  • Life Skills- time management, strategies for high school success, cooking, car safety, college application process and money management
  • Relationships- team building, peers and friendships

Cultural: During the six years in NCL, Inc., our chapter creates opportunities for mothers and daughters to deepen their appreciation of all the cultures that make up our community.  When we talk about “our community”, we include both the cultures within our local area of Marin, and the cultures within a larger national or international community.   We explore how our service can broaden our own horizons by helping us understand others better.