Membership Information


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Provisional Member of the Marin Chapter of the National Charity League, Inc.  (NCL, Inc.).  We are an involved and dedicated group of mothers and daughters. Please carefully consider the membership requirements.  You will need two sponsors from our chapter, one of which has known you for at least a year. Your Sponsor will be glad to answer any questions you may have about NCL, Inc. and our Chapter, and will be there to help guide you throughout your entire Provisional year.

Characteristics of a Good NCL, Inc.  Member

  • She is willing to commit the significant time to fulfill the specific attendance, philanthropic, and committee obligations of her NCL Chapter.
  • She is a “team player” and will accept the decision of the majority.
  • She is willing to accept either a minor role or a major role, depending on the needs of the Chapter.
  • She understands the importance of all three areas of NCL: community service, leadership development and cultural experiences— and will make all activities that involve her and her daughter a priority.
  • She understands the importance of a positive attitude and constructive problem solving in all NCL matters.
  • She is focused on the philosophical ideals of NCL, rather than any associated status or prestige.
  • She fully understands and is willing to accept the financial obligations associated with NCL membership.
  • She will make an extra effort to become acquainted with all Chapter members.

Please note that those who live in the communities that feed into Tamalpais or Redwood High Schools are eligible to join the Marin NCL, Inc. Chapter.




Membership Obligations

 I. Community Service  For our community service hours, we operate on an April 16th to April 15th period. Patronesses and Ticktockers post philanthropy hours to the Chapter website before April 15th of each year.   (Summer is a great time to fulfill hours!)  Credit towards required hours is only given for service in NCL-approved philanthropic projects when worked as a Mother-Daughter team. Additional hours can be earned beyond the required hours either together as a Mother-Daughter team or separately.

Required philanthropy hours for Patronesses and Ticktockers

7th,  8th  and 12th grades:  10 hours

9th, 10th and 11th grades:  15 hours

II.  Meeting & Event Attendance

Of the eight regular membership meetings offered in the calendar year, each Patroness must attend a minimum of five. (Regular meetings are held each month starting in May; no meetings are held in June, July or August.)  Ticktockers are expected to attend all monthly grade level meetings. Both Ticktockers and Patronesses are required to attend the Senior Celebration and the Fashion Show Tea events.  We post our attendance on our website. Grade Level Advisors must be notified in advance if a Ticktocker needs to miss a meeting.

III. Patroness Involvement

All Patronesses have a job each year, and it is required that each Patroness holds at least two significant positions over her six years  (i.e. Board, Grade Level Advisor or Event Chair).  Ticktockers also hold jobs each year, ranging from President to Photographer.

IV. Financial

We operate on a June 1 to May 31st fiscal year.

Annual Total Dues and Activities Fees:

Provisional Patroness entrance fee (1st year only)-$50

Provisional Ticktocker entrance fee (1st year only)-$25

Patroness annual dues  –  $135

Ticktocker annual dues (per ticktocker  –  $190

Note:  Legacy daughters must pay an Entrance Fee of $25 (first year only) in addition to above annual due & fees. These dues are all inclusive. We do not ask for additional payments for events.